Setting up my blog

I’ve worked with WordPress before, but never actually had to set up a blog from scratch by myself — and boy was I surprised at how easy it was! After reading “5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog User Friendly” I’ll admit I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Before this, I pretty much only knew how to create a basic new post and add in a picture or two. I never knew how simple adding in all of those really necessary and cool features was. Adding in my twitter feed? All I had to do was click and drag a box — no knowledge of coding or RSS needed! I’m really looking forward to playing around with WordPress even more and learning from my classmates as well.

We are now a part of a countercultural ideal, which according to Fred Turner is “a non hierarchically organized social form in which scattered individuals are linked to one another by an information technology and through it the experience of a shared mindset” (512).


2 thoughts on “Setting up my blog

  1. simplifies the process of setting up your initial wordpress site by a significant amount. You may want to consider selecting a theme that places the widgets on the homepage. Another tweak that makes a big difference is adding some sort of background image.

    “This may be the most important place of all. It’s where people will want to hang out with you, put their feet up, get to know you better” (Dunn 2011).

    Although WordPress doesn’t let you upload a custom theme or add plugins, the background and header images let the readers get to see a bit of your personality.

  2. I too wasn’t so sure about setting up a WordPress. However once you do it you realize, “hey this is pretty simple.” I like the layout and the blogs I follow widget is awesome!

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